The export value of wood and forest products will reach 20 billion USD by 2025, an increase of more than 9 billion USD compared to the present, of which the export turnover of wood and wood products will reach over 18.5 billion USD; reach 25 billion USD by 2030, of which the export turnover of wood and wood products will reach over 20.4 billion USD. The value of wood and wood products for domestic consumption will reach 5 billion USD in 2025, over 6 billion USD in 2030.

approving the project to develop a sustainable and effective wood processing industry in the 2021 2030 period

That is one of the goals of the Project to develop a sustainable and efficient wood processing industry in the 2021-2030 period, which has just been approved by Deputy Prime Minister Le Van Thanh on Decision 327/QD-TTg. 10/3/2022 .

The project also sets a target that over 80% of wood processing and preservation establishments will reach the level and capacity of advanced production technology; 100% of wood and wood products for export and domestic consumption are used from legal wood materials, certified for sustainable forest management.

The common goal by 2030, the wood processing industry becomes an important economic sector; building and developing a reputable Vietnamese wood product brand in the domestic and international markets; strives for Vietnam to be in the group of leading countries in the world in terms of production, processing and export of wood and wood products.

One of the tasks of the Project is to develop infrastructure and expand production scale. Specifically, forming 5 forestry zones with high technology application, attracting investment from wood processing enterprises and enterprises producing auxiliary materials.

Along with that, building a national furniture exhibition center of international stature; encourage the development of centers for research and design of wood products in accordance with the needs, culture and tastes of consumers.

The project also requires continuing to maintain and expand export market share, proactively promoting trade in wood and wood products in the main markets including the US, Japan, Korea, EU, China and open market. expand new markets with many potentials and advantages; effectively implement Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) between Vietnam and countries around the world.

Promote the development of e-commerce, build a database, digitally transform production, business, business administration activities and apply information technology to sell goods online or through e-commerce platforms. death.

To develop and expand wood processing industrial zones and clusters in localities with development potentials and advantages. To attract investment selectively, giving priority to projects producing products with high added value, advanced technology, saving energy, raw materials, fuel, materials, and being environmentally friendly. Building and developing the “Vietnamese Wood” brand, encouraging wood processing enterprises to use the “Vietnamese Wood” brand, contributing to improving the competitiveness and reputation of Vietnam’s wood products in the domestic market. and international.

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