Acacia wood is an extremely durable flooring.

In fact, large leaf acacia has a Janka hardness rating of 1700. And the small leaf variety has a hardness rating of 2220. This rating is even higher than popular species like hard maple and osk, which are both known for their durability.



Although the diverse nature of acacia thwarted attempts to standardize its classification, wood traders regularly use this name to describe many of the types of wood they sell.

Nowadays, acacia grows in Africa, Australia, Asia, and even the Americas. There has been much controversy arising from the claim to fame of these trees by Australia and Africa.

Does acacia belong to Africa or Australia? There are some prominent acacia species like gum Arabic. However, Australia has almost a thousand species of this tree. Acacia was initially discovered in Africa in the 1700s, but later, hundreds more were documented in Australia.


Is Acacia wood Bad?

No, acacia wood is not bad. While it has several downsides, as do all other wood types, it’s also one of the best options for making outdoor furniture. It’s hard, weather-resistance, and extremely durable.

Is Acacia a strong wood?

Yes, acacia wood is solid. Indeed, Acacia is one of the strongest woods. That’s why it’s considered the best for heavy-use furniture such as dining tables, dining benches, and outdoor furniture.

What is acacia wood used for?

The most common use of acacia wood is making furniture. However, Acacia’s strength also makes it a viable option for support beams in the construction industry. It also has many uses in practical applications.

Is Acacia a good choice for decking furniture?

Yes, Acacia is one of the best wood types for making decking furniture. It is dense, durable, and highly weather-resistant. Moreover, acacia wood doesn’t rot quickly. These qualities make it the perfect choice for outdoor furniture.


Acacia grows so abundantly that we consider it an invasive species in some countries like Australia. However, its easy availability makes it an affordable wood to use for making indoor and outdoor furniture.

Easy to Work With

Acacia is very pliable when freshly cut. You can bend and shape it to create intricate furniture components. It is also not a very hardwood, so, without sacrificing any strength, you will find it easy to cut with hand and machine tools.

Long Sections

An acacia tree can grow up to 82 feet, getting sufficiently large sections for various applications. The different sizes make it possible to make all sorts of outdoor furniture.

An Eco-friendly Option

Acacia does not feature in the list of endangered wood species. It is because it grows like a weed in most countries, and with careful monitoring, the wood can be harvested to the maximum benefit. Therefore, you can use acacia without the fear that you are endangering the world’s forests.

Resistance to Abrasion

Acacia is a dense and hardwood with high resistance to abrasion, unlike many softer woods, even hardwoods. Therefore, furniture made up from this wood will not show up scratches easily, and if they do, you will find it easy to touch up the damage.

Diverse Grain Patterns

Acacia is a light-colored wood with varying grain patterns. These grain patterns depending on the cut of the wood, the location of the trees, quality, and growing conditions. It introduces wide possibilities to enhance the appearance of the wood through sanding, staining and applying an appropriate wood finish.

Where to buy it?

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