According to the latest statistics from the UK Office for National Statistics, in January 2022, the UK Furniture Retail Price Index (RPI) hit a new high, with an increase of 14.1%, compared to 12. .5% as of December 2021. 

This is the 5th consecutive month that the retail price of furniture has exceeded 10%. Furniture has been the main driver of inflation in the UK over the past two months. From January 2021 to January 2022, costs such as materials and fuel for UK furniture manufacturers remained high.

The furniture manufacturing index in January 2022 was 20%, and this is the 5th consecutive month that the index has reached at least 20%. Ex-factory prices for UK-made furniture for the domestic market increased by 5.2% in January 2022, matching the highs recorded in December 2021.

Monthly retail sales of furniture and lighting fixtures reached £1.32 billion in January 2022, up 51.3% from January 2021, but still down 7.7% January 2019.

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