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Biofuel, Biomass Energy In Vietnam

We are a Manufacturer and Supplier Biofuel, Biomass Energy in Vietnam. Wood Pellets, Wood Briquette, Wood Chips, Wood Sawdust, Wood Powder

Stable supply: Since our raw materials are procured from sustainable managed forests, we can provide a stable fuel supply over the long term without relying on the residues and by-products of other agricultural and timber products.

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Turn waste into value

From a variety of 110 wood-based, agricultural & other residues, we turn our customer’s waste into additional profits by offering tailor made briquetting solutions to get rid of excess residues.

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What is raw material?

Raw material is the residue you are looking to use in your briquetting production. It is typically unprocessed material from either from wood or agricultural by-products. Examples such as straw, sugarcane bagasse, Acacia, Pine, Eucalyptus, Bamboo,  larch etc. can be used for briquetting.

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