Are sustainable wood pellets right for green recovery around the world?

Sustainable wood pellets are gradually replacing coal, oil, and gas to become a new fuel. In the face of increasingly serious climate change, finding a sustainable and environmentally friendly energy source is the best solution for mankind. In the euro, wood has been classified as renewable energy – carbon-neutral energy. The most used products are wood pellets, wood chips, wood briquette,… 

In today’s post, farmers will talk with you about sustainable wood pellets. This fuel is a form of wood biomass. Their burning at thermal and power plants has increased rapidly in recent years. 

This is one way to meet the target of EU countries with the hope of reducing carbon energy by 20% and supplying energy from this renewable energy source. In addition, there are a series of ambitions for carbon emissions in the years 2030-2050. This is a smart way for the world to achieve the goal of renewable energy and also a cost-effective way to reduce global warming.


Advantages of the sustainable wood pellets

Wood pellets are made from compressed sawdust. Compressing sawdust releases natural substances in the wood. During compression, these release substances soften then harden. 

Wood pellets are usually cylindrical, small, and long. Sawdust adheres firmly to each other and maintains its solid shape for a long time.

This type of compressed wood has many different functions, so it is gradually being favored over other materials. They are convenient to use because they do not need to be soaked before use. Their heating efficiency is quite high and is considered suitable for use from households to factories and enterprises where there are incinerators.


The first advantage of using sustainable wood pellets is to effectively reduce costs. Fossil fuel sources such as coal, fuel oil, gas are much more expensive than wood pellets. So for resource-poor countries, this is the best solution. Biomass energy helps to minimize the import and export of other raw materials, thereby reducing a variety of costs.

The next benefit of this energy source is to reduce environmental pollution. Compared with coal, biomass pellets produce 80% fewer emissions to the environment. The concentrations of harmful gases containing nitrogen, sulfur, and chlorine are also significantly lower. 

Finally, sustainable wood pellets in the boilers and stoves will be more efficient. It is estimated that biomass pellets bring high efficiency up to 85%.

Where can you purchase sustainable wood pellets?

Most types of sustainable wood pellets to be used need to go through rigorous processing stages to ensure safety for users. 

In addition to the benefits that biomass energy brings, the high demand from users makes the supply of these products more necessary than ever. Therefore, non-reputable and quality suppliers will create pitfalls to deceive inexperienced buyers. 


With low-quality products, they bring almost no benefit, but more harm. Some of the typical harms can be mentioned as the release of toxic and explosive substances. Low-quality wood pellets are produced through unqualified stages or are deprived of important materials needed. When burned, harmful substances are released, causing the atmosphere to become suffocating and potentially fatal. In addition, the poor preservation process when transporting to reduce costs is also what causes the quality of the product to decrease. In addition, the poor preservation process when transporting to reduce costs is also what causes the quality of the product to decrease or you can’t burn them stably because it’s damp.

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There is some information about sustainable wood pellets. Hopefully, they will help you solve your anxiety when you want to use this type of biomass energy. If you have any questions, please contact us to get answers. It is our pleasure to serve you. Thanks for referring to our article.