With the current heavy environmental pollution, the burning system in use is no longer trusted as before. Although the operating capacity brings great economic benefits the adverse effects on the environment are still worth worrying about. Biomass pellets are the most perfect answer to this problem. From utility, price to natural features all says it is the perfect change needed for today’s combustion system. So what does that alternative bring? This issue we will share with you in the article below.


Basic information regarding biomass pellets

This is a form of renewable energy that has been studied and tried by researchers for a long time. It is a clean fuel produced from renewable or wood waste. It is produced by crushing or crushing wood materials into sawdust. In addition to other external effects to create biomass pellets are being widely used at present. The combustion system has changed a lot with the emergence of this new form of energy.


We would like to provide you with more specific data so that you can better visualize its features and uses. A biomass pellet will be 6 – 8mm in size for small products and 15 – 30mm for large products. The production humidity should not exceed 8%. The content of ash released into the environment during use is controlled at less than 2%.

The next two factors are also two important factors in evaluating it as an extremely eco-friendly product. The sulfur content of biomass pellets is only 0.1%. The nitrogen content is slightly higher at 0.28%. The level of pollution caused by these gases has been significantly reduced compared to other fuel sources. The combustion heat of biomass pellets is from 4200 – 4800kcal/kg.

Advantages of biomass pellets

Biomass pellets are the future of many industries. Therefore, it has a lot of functional advantages. As well as the impact and safety that other fuel sources do not have.

The Price

The first benefit that comes to mind for every commodity, product, and the fuel source is price. How will they determine how we use it? How are we going to distribute it? With a lower price but still quality assurance. This fuel is of a higher quality than the old fuels that have been used. The advantage of this fuel is that it is not taxed by countries. It is these things that have turned biomass pellets into the most sought-after fuel on the market in recent years.

Environmentally friendly fuel

Biomass pellets are different from other fuels. In the process of burning it will produce natural carbon dioxide with extremely low content. With this property, it does not cause the same greenhouse effect as fossil fuels. The environment will also not suffer too many impacts from burning this fuel.


Usage performance

As mentioned, although it has a lower cost, its use is much greater than the old fuel source. With the ability to emit a large amount of heat along with a large proportion of biomass pellets, it has extremely high stability. On average, if we burn 1kg of biomass pellets for every 1kg, we will get from 4600 – 4800kcal/kg. Very large compared to the working quality of other fuels.

Easy to transport

The biomass pellets have been carefully processed and tested before being released to the market. It is packed in cartons to make shipping easier. During the transportation process, we may encounter unwanted effects from the outside environment. Shipping by packaging will help us minimize this.

The perfect solution for the combustion system

The inherent combustion system has a lot after a long time of use. Fortunately, during these difficult times, biomass pellets were produced as a lifeline for this system. With only 2% ash content, the pipes in the combustion system will limit the amount of dust attached. The cost of repairing and replacing these pipes will also be reduced. Buying raw materials at a cheaper price will save us some money so we can invest in other machinery and equipment.


Abundant supply

Because it is a form of renewable energy, compared to other fuel sources, its supply will be more abundant. In addition, the ash of biomass pellets can be used as fertilizer for plants. Limit an additional amount that causes bad impacts on the environment. It is a form of renewable energy so it has a huge supply that does not depend on reserves like other fuels. Derived from the fact that biomass pellets can be obtained from tree trunks or discarded pieces of wood. As long as we can get sawdust, we will have biomass pellets.

Biomass tablets bring to us so many uses, from replacing old energy sources to limiting damage to the environment. These enormous impacts are undeniable on the success of biomass pellet production. In the future, we believe that biomass pellets will continue to be upgraded and improved to create a more perfect product. If you have any feedback or questions, please contact us through the Farmers® website. We are always ready to help you solve the problem. Thanks for stopping by and reading our article.

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