What are the best horse bedding pellets? You will find many options available to you when you are looking for horse bedding pellets. Explore options and learn more about this super absorbent bedding option.


What are Horse Bedding Pellets?

Horse bedding pellets are a natural solution for your stalls and habitats. They are designed to absorb moisture and prevent odor in barns and stables. Bed linen pellets are made from compressed wood fibers.  Our horse bedding pellets are made from 100% natural fibers and contain no chemical additives.

horse bedding pellets
The best horse bedding pellets

Healthier for your horse, you and your stables because It’s 100% organic. The high temperatures it is exposed to during the process also means it is free from any contaminants or bacteria that can hide away in products such as hay.

A bigger-picture benefit is that pine pellet horse bedding is environmentally friendly, with all wood sourced from responsibly managed and sustainable forestry. It is completely 100% biodegradable and safe for the environment.

Things to pay attention to when buying horse bedding pellets

When you buy wood pellets for horse bedding, pay attention to the dust factor inside the bag. British veterinary scientists are urging stables to use dust-free or low-dust wood pellets to help their asthmatic horses. Here are some more helpful tips.

  • Horses with respiratory problems benefit from a minimally dusty environment.
  • Turn inside out as much as possible and avoid hay and straw unless horses are allergic to pollen, in which case turning out won’t help.
  • Choose a dust-free bed ideal for all horses sharing the same airspace.

Why Choose Horse Bedding Pellets?

Horse bedding pellets will help you maintain a healthy and clean environment for your horses and animals. You can choose wood pellets for bedding for several different reasons. These reasons include:

  • 100% natural and no chemicals
  • Low moisture content and extra absorbent
  • Biodegradable and compostable
  • Clean and easy to use
  • Low dust

Alternative bedding

Pellets, shavings, straws, peat moss, and newspapers are not available only bedding options. There are also many alternative bedding options on the market today. Waste products such as rice husks, wheat by-products, shredded phone books, cardboard, and hemp were used for horse bedding. Some of these products are unsuitable for pet bedding because they may chip or have rough edges.

Many compelling reasons to choose wood pellets over other types of bedding for your barn or home; it’s easy to see why pellets are the right choice.

About Woodbase

If you are the first to buy horse bedding pellets, perhaps Woodbse will be one of the perfect saviors you are looking for.

horse bedding pellets

Woodbase has been a solid player in the wood industry market for many years. Here we supply more than 30000 tons per month so that you can be assured of our source. In addition, we not only focus on low prices but also on environmentally safe. We are committed to giving you the best shopping experience.

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Switching to horse bedding pellets has saved me so much time mucking out the horses each day. The pellets are white and look fresh, so you can spot trouble zones, and remove and top them up.

We hope you have learned the information about horse bedding pellets that we mentioned earlier. In addition, we also hope that information about the origin and market of wood pellets from Vietnam will also help you learn more exciting things.

Finally, if you have any questions, leave a comment right below this article, and we will send you the most appropriate answer soon. Thanks for reading!


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