Do wood chips bulk worth your investment? The short answer is yes. 

The application of this material is quite broad. It can be both an effective filler, fuel, and coating. 

There are quite a few other uses of wood chips that you may not be aware of. If you are interested in different wood chips type and how they benefit, keep reading for helpful information in the detailed article below.


Different Types Of Wood Chips

Although quite similar in size and shape, different types of wood chips will have advantages and disadvantages. Here are the most common types of wood chips: 

Why Should You Choose Wood Chips Bulk?

  • Forest chips: This material is derived from tree stumps, logs, wood residues, etc.

This type of wood chip is a deep color, suitable for mulch for the garden. This one quite well overcomes soil erosion. Wood chips also encourage microbial growth but effectively inhibit weed growth. 

  • Sawing residue chips: Sawdust is an excellent mulch for acid-loving plants. Unlike forest chips, sawdust decomposes quite quickly. Therefore, the sawdust coating needs to be renewed regularly. 

In addition to being a mulch, sawdust is also an excellent choice for mulching garden paths. 

  • Wood residue chips are wood chips after recycling and cutting logs. This type is often collected by manufacturers and made into sawn timber and plywood.
  • Short rotation forestry chips: This material is derived from trees for power plants. 

Reasons To Choose Wood Chips Bulk

Wood chips are more than just an excellent coating. The broad applicability also makes investing in wood chips bulk a wise choice. 


Wood chips are always one of the best coatings. It brings a drastic change to the plants. 

Wood chips will provide the most optimal temperature and humidity growing environment. You can also save a lot of time dealing with weeds because wood chips minimize the growth of these harmful organisms. 

Why Should You Choose Wood Chips Bulk?

However, when using wood chips, you also unintentionally cause nitrogen deficiency in the soil. Therefore, you’re better off just covering it with a 3-inch-thick layer of wood chips. 

Playplace surface cover

Along with gravel and rubber, wood chips are an excellent choice for covering playgrounds. 

Standard wood chips will ensure safety. Compared to other common materials, wood chips are pretty good at limiting serious surface injuries during a collision. 

More importantly, wood chips require less maintenance. The cost-saving effect is even more apparent when you order wood chips in bulk. 

Composting material

Wood chips are also high in carbon, providing additional nutrients to your fertilizer. 

However, before using this material, you should note that decomposing is difficult, so the composting process will slow down when added to the soil. To speed up composting time, you will need more okay crumbs. 


You can use wood chips for heating. With wood chips bulk, this fuel can ultimately be available in factories to generate electric power. 

Compared to traditional fuels such as coal, oil, and gas, wood chips are a more friendly choice for the environment and people. 


Placing bulk wood chips between the planting beds will create a natural path, ensuring aesthetics. This material is biodegradable, so you often have to replace the coating. 

However, fresh wood chips can negatively affect young trees. In addition, when moving on this material, you can hardly avoid the phenomenon of debris sticking to the sole of the shoe. 

The most suitable aisle thickness is between 5 and 6 inches. Wood chips with this thickness will not decompose too quickly while retaining their inherent advantages. 

Erosion control 

Erosion control is the advantage that makes wood chips a great choice to use for gardens and lawns. 

Wood chips fill low-lying areas prone to erosion and absorb water in low-lying sites, allowing excess moisture to escape.

However, it would help if you did not overdo this advantage of wood chips. A thick layer of wood chips will adversely affect the ability of plants to grow in the vicinity. 

Pros And Cons Of Wood Chips In Bulk

With such high applicability, it is not surprising that wood chips are always purchased in large quantities. Yet, before investing in this material, you should refer to the advantages and disadvantages below.



  • Cost savings. 
  • Favored by professionals because of its smooth and slight texture. 
  • No plastic waste. 
  • Its suppliers all support buyers in previewing the surface of wood chips to choose the right type.
  • Wood chips bulk can be delivered to your door. 


  • The cost of transporting wood chips in bulk is relatively high.
  • You will have to prepare transportation when transporting wood chips on garden beds.  


Wood chips are versatile, convenient, and friendly to humans and the environment. If your needs are diverse, investing in wood chips bulk is economical, and you won’t regret it.  


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