Acacia wood is cut and split from logs sourced from planted forests in Vietnam. Then it is dried to 18-20% humidity under high temperature. No chemical treatment, so it is safe for health and user-friendly. “Is acacia firewood from Vietnam good?”, “What are the advantages of acacia wood?”, to answer the above questions, we invite readers to find out right away.


What is acacia firewood from Vietnam?

Acacia firewood from Vietnam belongs to the genus acacia with the scientific name Acacia. The acacia tree is a genus of several shrubs and trees. They are native to the ancient continent of Gondwana and belong to the subfamily Mimosoideae and the legume family Fabaceae.

In English, the species that live in Australia are collectively known as wattle (Australian acacia). The species in Africa and the Americas are collectively known as acacia.

Distribution of acacia wood 

Acacia tree is one of the easiest trees to grow. They are adapted to nutrient-poor soils and can grow well in areas with harsh weather conditions. The acacia tree is a plant with feathery leaves, however, in some species especially those grown in Australia and the Pacific islands, the leaflets are suppressed and the petioles are flat and flattened, oriented upward, has a leaf-like effect; they are called petioles.

Acacia wood is now grown everywhere and today they are more and more replicated, and in the north are grown mainly in Thai Nguyen, Lao Cai.

Morphological characteristics of acacia

Flowers of Acacia

woody flowers usually have 5 small petals, almost hidden in long stamens, and they are distributed in dense inflorescences that are spherical or shaped pillars. Acacia flowers are yellow or cream in color in some species. Some other species are slightly white or even purple.

Acacia Leaves

The stalks of acacia leaves are flat and flattened, they are always pointed upwards to protect these plants from overheating due to the intense sunlight. Therefore, they can block less light than horizontal acacia trees. Some models lack both leaves and petioles but have leafy branches.

The large thorn-like leaves are often hollow, providing a nesting place for ants. They feed on substances secreted on the stalks of leaves and peculiar foods at the tips of fleas. On the contrary, they also protect the plant against leaf-eating insects.

Some species of acacia often have spines, in particular, those that grow in arid areas. They often have shorter, stiffer, and sharper branches. Or sometimes a leaf-like companion turns into.

Classification and advantages of acacia firewood from Vietnam 

 1. Classification

Acacia hybrid

Hybrid acacia wood has a fairly good growth ability, they provide high and stable quality. The hybrid acacia line has good resistance to pests and diseases and can adapt to dry weather. So acacia is grown in many places in Binh Phuoc as well as in the Southern provinces.

Wood Acacia

Rooster fennel is a small tree species. This plant in Vietnam is often grown for fencing and is called acacia rooster. Acacia rooster has an extensive canopy, the bark is gray. Leaves are in the form of double-hairy compound leaves, on the first-level petioles there are shaped glands.


acacia wood The yellow acacia tree is mainly distributed in Australia, they have a height of 4 – 10m, the bark of the yellow acacia tree is usually dark brown or gray. Also known as Golden Mimosa, this is a line of plants in the legume family. This species is distributed throughout Australia from the Eyre Peninsula south of South Australia into western Victoria and north into the southern hinterland.


Wood is a small piece of wood that has been processed for steaming and drying on an advanced and modern technology line. This line of wood is sawn, planed, milled, grafted, pressed, sanded and painted.

Laminated wood basically has many new advantages, such as: No termites, no shrinking, no warping, diverse designs, treated surfaces should have good color fastness, and good color fastness. High impact and scratch resistance.

Sawn Acacia Wood Sawn

acacia is a type of wood that is often bought by traders to sell to individual producers or consumers. In both building materials, or copha contractors, acacia wood is divided into many types, depending on the purpose of use.

People often use sawed acacia wood to make wooden pallets. Compared to the advantages of this type of product, it is tough, durable, static weight up to 5 tons, dynamic weight up to 2 tons and has confirmed the position of this product.

 2. Advantages of using acacia firewood from Vietnam 

Since acacia wood is often grown on a large scale, it is a source of stable quality raw materials with low warping compared to other mixed woods.

Considering the mechanical strength, toughness, and adaptability to harsh weather.

 Acacia firewood from Vietnam is large, round is a raw material for the production of custom-made furniture. The acacia tree with a diameter of 17-18 cm or more has a much higher price than the price of raw materials used to produce paper. In addition, hybrid acacia is also used to make plywood, high-grade plywood, and sawn timber used in construction…

Acacia firewood from Vietnam 

The acacia firewood from Vietnam is cut and split from logs originating from planted forests in Vietnam. Then it is dried to 18-20% humidity under high temperature. No chemical treatment, so it is safe for health and user-friendly.

Acacia wood is cut and split from logs sourced from planted forests in Vietnam. Then it is dried to 18-20% humidity under high temperature. No chemical treatment, so it is safe for health and user-friendly.

Where to buy it?

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