The world is developing constantly and going to new heights day by day, people’s lives on earth are also improving. But at the same time, the whole world has to face serious problems of environment, war, and disease. In particular, the issue of climate change and the depletion of non-renewable resources worries everyone. Biomass energy is the best solution to overcome the current shortage of fuel. 

Biomass energy in Vietnam is a potential field. With the characteristics of being an agricultural country and having abundant forest resources, using them in biomass energy is a smart solution to help improve the environment of Vietnam. 

Vietnam is one of the few countries with low energy consumption compared to developing countries. It is estimated that biomass energy per capita is about 210 kg/year. This also shows that some people in Vietnam do not have adequate electricity supply and use. To raise and develop further, we need to control and maintain a growth rate that has a little negative impact on the environment and society.

Biomass Energy In Vietnam

As a country with a major industrial development because Vietnam has a very good source of biomass energy. According to the information, the largest source of waste is in the Mekong Delta with about 50% of the water volume as well as the Red River Delta with 15%. With biomass resources collected from rice milling stations, bagasse from sugar factories, coffee husks from coffee processing factories in the Central Highlands, and wood chips from processing industries. wood. Together with the total biomass power capacity of 500MW in 2020, it will increase to 2000MW by 2030 as expected. This shows that biomass energy is developing very well in Vietnam and is having stronger development steps in the future. In addition to the above resources to add biomass energy, we can also develop several other resources. These can be mentioned as rubberwood, logging by-products, sawing machine by-products, and coconut residue. It will help biomass energy to have more supplies and more abundant energy.

Biomass Energy In Vietnam
Biomass Energy In Vietnam

The outstanding development of biomass energy in Vietnam

At present, we can understand that biomass energy source is a non-commercial energy source. They are made up of various resources gathered locally. It has been strongly developed both in terms of economy and science, agricultural industry. Bring a lot of results to the country that owns them.

According to the assessment, in Vietnam, there are nearly 40 bagasse biomass power plants developed with a total capacity of up to 150 MW. But it cannot be applied to the national grid because the electricity price is too low. On the biogas side, it can bring growth up to 10 billion m3/year. Collected from landfills, livestock manure, agricultural waste,… The reason for such strong biological potential is the population of livestock up to more than 30 million people. With such a large number of livestock, cattle manure becomes an excellent resource to provide and use high value through biological production.

biomass energy in vietnam

Thanks to the strong growth of biomass energy in Vietnam, more than 25,000 household biogas plants from 1 to 50 m3 have been installed in remote rural areas. With the help of investment from the Netherlands, Vietnam has built about 18,000 biogas plants in 12 provinces from 2003 to 2005. In addition, our country also set out a plan to build 150000 biogas tanks. study in both rural and urban areas in the following years.

Biomass energy in Vietnam

Solid waste is one of the main resources of biomass energy. In the past few years, with the steady increase in the amount of solid waste generated, biomass energy in Vietnam always has a steady supply and is growing more and more in many fields. It is estimated that the amount of waste in 1996 was 5.9 million tons/year and it increased to 44 million tons by 2015.

Investing in biomass energy in Vietnam

Realizing that energy-producing biomass has great potential to meet future electricity needs without carbon emissions. The government has set up an investment research institute on this issue called the Global Green Growth Institute (GGG). This is considered a confident but also risky step of the country’s government for this energy project.

Biomass energy in Vietnam
Biomass energy in Vietnam

This project will help create reliable, positive energy. Create job conditions for people, improve people’s lives. Notably, the GGGI project in Soc Trang has received an investment of up to 43 million USD. In Vietnam, the price of biomass is 5.8 cents/kilowatt-hour. This has not been improved because it has not to raise received too much investment. Therefore, the government has called on business organizations to actively invest more in this project.

The effect has been shown to have resulted in approximately 2.1 million tons of carbon emissions reduction and 2,100 green jobs increased. With the resources of biomass burned, there will be an effect. This helps people have more jobs to earn a living by selling agricultural waste. Improving the air brings good health to everyone.

Biomass energy in Vietnam

The above are our most accurate statistics about the data of biomass energy in Vietnam over the years. We hope that you will find more information on this subject here. Thank you for reading our article. Have a good day.

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