Wood pellets are a popular product on the market. However, many people worry when there is a risk of buying fake or poor quality goods. To verify this, the Enplus Certified Wood Pellet Supplier was born and gives you useful product certificates. Let’s find out about enplus certification and quality wood compressed wood products at Woodbase!


Why should you buy from certified wood pellet supplier Enplus?

Today, ENplus is the world’s leading certification program for wood pellet quality with more than 1200 certified companies. Check out the statistics page for more information on the development of ENplus!

Which Enplus certified wood pellet supplier should we buy?

If wood pellets are not stored properly, do not screen out again before delivery, and transportation in inappropriate vehicles can have a serious impact on the quality of wood pellets. Therefore, ENplus gives customers the assurance that they really get the perfect goods.

Of course, the tablets themselves must also meet various specifications. In addition to length and diameter, ENplus® tablets are tested for mechanical strength, fine particle ratio, density, ash and moisture content, calorific value and additive ratio. All of this is to ensure that tablet devices powered by ENplus® tablets will perform at their best, hassle-free and for a long time.

In essence, certification programs such as ENplus® save consumers the tedious work of testing product characteristics against ISO standards by conducting a systematic, verified verification process. reasonable arrangement. That’s why the certification scheme needs to be transparent and independent, to protect its trademarks and fight fraud everywhere to ensure that the seal can always be trusted.

How to confirm a Enplus Certified Wood Pellet Supplier 

All Enplus Certified Wood Pellet Suppliers are listed on the EN plus website and the list is always up to date. Companies not listed here are not considered EN plus certified.

All communication materials (website, leaflet, etc.) from a certified company, when referring to ENplus certified tablets, must bear a valid certification seal. The details of the certified company shown on the communication material must correspond to the details shown in the list of certified manufacturers/traders.

Best-selling product in the world – En Plus certified Woodbase wood pellets!

We are a major wood supplier in the Vietnam market, Here we have supplied a large amount of wood to many producers in the world. To be able to achieve that, we always put the quality on the top. So the wood pellets at Woodbase have been an Enplus Certified Wood Pellet Supplier so you can be assured of quality. Woodbase is the best choice for you if you want to find a good brand.

Which Enplus certified wood pellet supplier should we buy?


One of Woodbase’s main strengths is its rigorous product requirements. We always rely on the basic information presented in the reference material. Although the international standard ISO 17225-2 is the foundation of the ENplus® program, the ENplus® requirements go even further, e.g. mechanical strength, penalty rate or strain temperature. ash.

These requirements are enforced by a network of independent assessment partners, to ensure the consistent quality of ENplus® tablets. In addition to the formal annual and unannounced inspections, all quality requirements are recorded, tracked and addressed.

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The ENplus® program is also the only program that systematically certifies the entire supply chain from initial production to delivery. In addition to the technical standards for the production of Enplus wood pellets – the core of the certification program, all stages of the supply chain follow detailed instructions and receive intensive training to ensure quality. Consistent quality, the foundation of ENplus certification at Woodbase, will give you peace of mind when using the product.


In just over ten years of its existence, the ENplus certification program has become a widely recognized brand trusted by professionals and consumers around the globe. With more than 1200 certified companies in over 45 countries, ENplus® has established itself as the world’s leading certification body for wood pellet quality. In 2022, ENplus has passed the milestone with 14 million tons of certified tablets produced by the end of the year. In a recent survey, 80% of them said that ENplus® helped them gain new customers, allowing them to stand out from the competition. Here, Woodbase is also on that list. Therefore, with the leading certificate in the field, we always assure customers of the quality we bring.


Each participating ENplus Manufacturer, Trader and Service Provider will receive a personal identification number. From pellet bags through brochures to delivery notes, this number should always be displayed.

This also applies to fraud cases, another area where ENplus® stands out with more than 800 cases resolved. Substantial resources are invested to tackle fraud, as reflected by effective processes in place across the entire network, ensuring that the interests of all certified companies are protected at all times.

Coming to WoodBase, we confidently passed many rounds of strict censorship of Enplus to raise the level to the leading company in Vietnam.


As can be seen, when producing and exporting wood pellets, we receive Enplus Certified Wood Pellet Supplier. With this certification, you will have more peace of mind when using without worrying about product quality.


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