Although firewood is a natural source of raw materials, it may not cost you money to get it, but saving firewood in the process of cooking, you should pay attention. 

For traditional wood stoves and even wood-saving stoves, the cooking method, process, and usage are reasonable, saving the family more than 20-30% of the total firewood for cooking. 

It saves the family’s time and energy and helps limit the impact of natural resources.

Here are the notes and tips for saving firewood that firewood company in Vietnam recommend being effective when your family uses wood stoves.


Some advice from a firewood company in Vietnam

Drying the firewood very dry, removing moisture in the firewood

Fresh firewood, which still contains water, will make our cooking process last longer. When the stick is not dry, it will not reach the maximum burning level. 

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Part of the energy will be expended through the amount of smoke they release. Wet firewood will have low power and familiar heat sources, so the cooking process will take longer, causing waste of firewood.

Remove moisture in firewood by shredding firewood in the form of long rods and drying it in the sun. Then store in a dry place, and avoid contact with rain or moisture. It would help if you closed the shelf or made a place to store firewood. Part of it helps firewood avoid mold, and part of it will limit the attack of termites.

A trick that a firewood company in Vietnam offers that can be applied is that you can stack it around the stove during the cooking process. The amount of heat released from the furnace will accelerate the drying of the firewood. But you should pay attention to the distance because fire or coal can burn around.

Increase the contact surface between firewood and air

Many people mistakenly believe that more wood will make the fire stronger. But this is true when you already have a large amount of heat before.

Firewood company in Vietnam

When you first start heating a fire, you need to arrange the firewood, so there is air circulation. This allows the firewood to burn faster without the appearance of smoke. 

You need to stack a few sticks and add a bit of combustible material to help start the initial fire. Stacking firewood creates space for air to circulate.

The firewood company in Vietnam advises that it is advisable to limit the amount of smoke in the cooking process, speeding up the burning process of firewood, and the food will be cooked faster. Therefore, it will help you save firewood, as well as save time.

The skill of controlling firewood, avoiding excess firewood in the cooking process

It can be challenging for newcomers, but the firewood company in Vietnam believes that after cooking for a while, you will be able to quantify the amount of firewood needed for the next time. That’s your cooking.

When the fire has burned, you can adjust the heat by the amount of firewood in the kitchen according to the following principles:

Firewood Company in Vietnam

Determine the cooking dish and the cooking stage. The first stage heats from when the pot is cold until the container reaches the boiling point; the second stage is to keep the pot boiling. Some people have a habit of using firewood a lot all the time, which is very wasteful.

Instead, you can control the heat by adjusting the amount of firewood and removing excess firewood once the dish has reached the boiling point. Leave only the right amount of firewood to maintain the boiling state of the container because the stove also has accumulated heat during the process of boiling the dish.

Extinguish the excess firewood when finished cooking

This is the most necessary thing in saving firewood in the cooking process that the firewood company in Vietnam offers. Some people have a habit that, when they finish cooking, they often do not put out the fire, letting the leftover sticks burn until they turn to ash. This is very bad; put out the fire when it is not needed anymore. 

A great way to put out a fire is to put the stick in the sand; the sand will help you put out the fire very well. 

In addition, you can take advantage of the amount of coal to do many things by putting the coal in a closed container that does not leak oxygen. This stops the burning process, extinguishing the coal. Then you use charcoal for your home barbecue.

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Practice good habits in cooking with a wood stove to help your family save firewood, fuel, and fuel. This will contribute a big part in terms of economy as well as time.

In addition to the principles and habits of cooking, how to work and build a wood stove is also very important. See more ideas for a firewood company in Vietnam to help your family reduce costs.

Thank for reading!

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