Wood pellets have been very popular products in the world for many years. It is used in many different industries, but its utility is always at the highest level. Because of this versatile use, many manufacturers have launched many product lines about wood pellets. But what are the best wood pellets? With Heating: What are the Best wood pellets? We will learn about it together today.


What are the characteristics of the best wood pellets?

At present, wood pellets are a very popular burning fuel all over the world. Therefore, there are many product lines of wood pellets born to gain great profits. We need to grasp the following characteristics to be able to know which are the best wood pellets.


Good wood pellets are pellets with extremely high heat output when burned. More specifically, one wood pellet can emit heat equivalent to 643.52 L Proban. In addition, we compare in another aspect. One wood pellet has a calorific value equivalent to 4,755 kWh. At a more obvious level, a ton of wood pellets has a huge energy output equivalent to 453 m3 of natural gas. When comparing products at many levels, we can see their quality more clearly.

Wood pellets are very environmentally friendly products. The best wood pellets we could come across after trying to burn through the products. After burning, the smoke emits residual waste, if it does not affect the environment, it is a wood pellet with the best quality.

Top best wood pellets in the world

What are the best Wood pellets? With this title, we share with you some basic information about the characteristics of the best wood pellets. Next will be the top of the best wood pellets in the world chosen by many business companies to use. Let’s see if there are any differences or advantages between them.

Softwood pellets

Hardwood and softwood pellets in terms of forming materials have the same starting point. They all have the same processing and manufacturing methods. But at the stage of choosing the type of wood to compress or collect waste to create products will determine the type of wood pellets you choose. Their function will also have different points. 


Softwood pellets are evaluated by manufacturers as having less expensive production costs than grade wood pellets. Or it can be said that hardwood pellets are a high-end line of wood pellets. In the process of burning wood pellets, given the inherent nature of hardwood, it has a higher burning rate. Therefore, softwood pellets in the combustion process emit less dust than softwood pellets, so their burning speed is quite slow. 

As a popular product line, softwood pellets inevitably have some disadvantages. Its flammability is not too high and the heat output is not too great. That is why the range of uses of high-grade wood pellets is much more limited than that of hardwood pellets. When in their natural state, softwood pellets produce more ash and emissions than hardwood pellets.

Hardwood pellets

Hardwood pellets are the premium line of wood pellet products. It can give off a huge amount of heat during combustion. Suitable for many jobs, industrial areas, or businesses. With a fast burning speed, the amount of, ash as well as the exhaust gas of hardwood pellets, is much less than that of softwood pellets.


Do you wonder why softwood pellets can burn and give off such a large amount of heat? In hardwood trees, after shaving the bark, there will be a layer of resin that flows out. This plastic layer when burned will produce a lot of creosote and ashes. Because of this, although it is hard, it burns very quickly and always burns out without leaving any wood chips or plastic layers. 

High burning speed, ability to generate large amounts of heat make high-grade wood pellets always a priority. They can be used in many places with great speed. Despite the cost of raw materials, the production of hardwood pellets is higher than that of softwood pellets. But if put on the scale, between the two types of wood pellets, they are both of good quality. They offset each other’s characteristics.

We can understand that whether it is hard or softwood pellets, it will not have too much impact on the functions and uses they bring. What we need to pay attention to is how to process it so that both types of wood pellets are of the same good quality. Rigorous testing terms will also be guaranteed.

Above, we have introduced to you the list of the best wood pellet products in the world. With Heating: What are the Best wood pellets? We believe that we have brought you the most complete and accurate information about the products. If you have any questions about the product or other problems, please contact us – Farmers®. We will help you answer all your questions. Thank you for reading our article.


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