You’ve probably heard about wood pellets. This is a new source of burning energy that has been used by many companies and businesses. With a lot of use of wood pellets, have we used them properly? Have we used them properly for their uses and functions? So how are wood pellets used? Let’s find out in this article.



Advantages of wood pellets

To be sure how to use wood pellets, we need to understand the function and strength of this material. When we understand the strengths and advantages of this material, we can know what to use it for. Or how to use them to get the most out of them.

The heat released when burning is very large

One ton of go glass has the same heat output as 643.52 L Proban but is 33% cheaper. One tonne of wood pellets has the same heat output when burning as 4,755 kWh of electricity, but the price is 38% cheaper than electricity. At the same time, a ton of wood pellets also has the same energy as 453 m3 of natural gas. Although compared to the cost, natural gas is 24% cheaper, but this fuel cannot be used in the same cold weather, so wood pellets are preferred.


Friendly products with the environment

With all materials made from waste of natural materials, without any additives, this wood pellet after burning does not affect the surrounding environment too much. It is very beneficial compared to the non-renewable energies that have been used in the past.


The smoke of wood pellets is very low in carbon content, so it does not cause too much damage to the atmosphere as well as the surrounding air. The ash content after burning in the products is also almost non-existent.

What are wood pellets used for?

As above we have learned about the advantages of wood pellets. When we have best grasped the effects and functions of this product, we will use them in the best and most effective way.

As fuel for factories or businesses

Wood pellets can be used as a fuel for most jobs requiring large amounts of heat. On average, 1 kg of wood pellets will generate 4260 Kcal of heat, which is much larger than other types of biofuels. As a fuel in fireplaces in countries with cold winters such as Korea, countries in Europe, America,… to replace electricity, coal, oil, firewood,…Making fuel for thermal power plants. As fuel for civil industries such as packaging,…. And many other jobs that require fuel such as cooking, burning furnaces,…


Dehumidify the barn

In addition, besides its main use as a fuel, wood pellets are also favored by their optimal moisture absorption capacity. Specifically, after the production process, the wood pellets will be brought back to the ideal humidity of 8-14%, this is the appropriate humidity to help limit the ash as well as the smoke and dust emitted when burning, in line with the effect of the wood pellets. In this use, wood pellets also have a very good hygroscopic effect. Also thanks to this hygroscopic effect, wood pellets are also very popular in poultry farms in the cold and wet season, helping the farm stay dry and cool, ensuring the health of animals.


Fertilizer for pets

With 100% raw materials from sawdust, wood pellets are also used to compost and fertilize ornamental plants and fruit trees that need other sawdust.


How to use wood pellets in the future?

In the future, biomass energy is created and strongly developed. The question of how to use wood pellets is no longer a difficult problem for us. When the old energy sources are gradually replaced, the biomass energy source will be used all over the world and create a huge turning point for people.

We will no longer have to face emissions, no longer have to face waste that will adversely affect the environment. We will use wood pellets in various industrial plants or incinerators. The benefits they bring are much greater and the residual risk is also very low. In the future when the use of wood pellets has become covered, the environment will be improved. The lives of people around the industrial plant will no longer be affected. We will create a better momentum for the development of this wood pellet research.

Through this article we have shown you how to use wood pellets. You can rely on what we have shared and then apply it to certain jobs you need. We are confident that it will work beyond your expectations. If you have any questions, please contact the Woodbase. We will help you to solve your problem. In addition, you can refer to a few of our other articles on many different issues. Wish you a good day. Thank you for reading our article.

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