How to import wood powder from Vietnam? Wood powder generates high density and energy value through screening, drying, and pressing at high temperatures and pressure, which can replace fossil fuels. In addition, using wood powder also helps protect the environment and is user-friendly.

So, how to import wood powder from Vietnam? If you are interested in learning about wood powder, this article covers all the information about importing wood powder from Vietnam. 


Wood powder is a revolutionary raw material for many industries

Over the past decade or so, raw materials such as coal, oil, and solar energy have had problems in development and operation, respectively. But with the usual and familiar wood pulp, there are extremely strong and revolutionary developments from agriculture to WPC or even the paper industry.

How to import wood powder from vietnam

Completely natural ingredients

Wood powder is a raw material derived from sawdust. Inwood powder, there are no chemicals or catalysts added. This is why it has become an indispensable ingredient in the agarbatti industry.

In countries with a tradition of burning agarbatti, people exposed to smoke for a long time can have health effects. But with the properties of wood pulp will reduce health concerns.

Great power-enhancing ability

The wood powder has good strength improvement and high flexibility. Therefore, wood powder suppliers always try to find a reserve of raw materials to serve many jobs. According to research, up to 90% of the raw material is sourced in the paper industry. Papers made from wood powder are of very high quality and also bring significant economic benefits.

Environmentally friendly materials

Many experts believe that wood powder is the perfect alternative to fossil fuels. Wood powder is non-toxic and non-carbon neutral. The wood powder makes up a considerable part of WPC products because it helps determine the material’s performance in the manufacturing process. That is one of the main reasons that bring about the revolution in wood powder materials at present.

So, the question is: How to import wood powder from Vietnam

How to import wood powder from Vietnam? 

Basically, you will find that wood powder is a relatively inexpensive product and are very popular with users. If you will import this product, here is some information about the shipping process and export-import of How to import wood powder from Vietnam.

First, make sure you prepare phytosanitary registration documents.

Typically, this document includes an application for plant quarantine, an agreement, a quarantine shipment sample, and a number of other related documents.

How to import wood powder from Vietnam
Importing wood powder from Vietnam

After that, it is necessary to declare information about the shipment on the Department of Plant Quarantine website of the II region. Then you need to wait about 24 hours, and the agency will send you a draft certificate and the procedure for exporting pellets from sawdust.

Immediately after that, when you have completed the procedures and received a phytosanitary draft, you still need to send it to the import receiving authority for information review. If everything is satisfactory, please return the plants to the quarantine department for quarantine and payment.

In general, the information we just mentioned earlier is necessary and required before you want to export/import any item and can significantly help you understand How to import wood powder from vietnam. In addition, you also need to approve the declaration at customs and carefully prepare other additional documents. If you are still confused and need more information, choose a reliable support company so they can explain your concerns more clearly.

Shipment Process

Not to mention shipping in provinces within a country. The process of trading goods between the two countries is quite complicated because many confirmation procedures need to be completed. Here are the methods you can follow How to import wood powder from Vietnam. 

How to import wood powder from Vietnam
Shipment by oversea

Export goods by sea:

  • Step 1: Sign the contract
  • Step 2: Apply for an export license
  • Step 3: Sign the shipping company
  • Step 4: Prepare the goods
  • Step 5: Packing, consignment
  • Step 6: Buy cargo insurance
  • Step 7: Complete customs procedures
  • Step 8: Deliver the goods to the carrier

Export by air:

  • Step 1: Sign a foreign trade contract
  • Step 2: Sign the transaction contract
  • Step 3: Apply for an export license
  • Step 4: Prepare goods
  • Step 5: Customs clearance
  • Step 6: Complete payment of expenses.

You see, though, are the critical steps in conducting international commodity transactions. But looking at the process table, we all know that it is too complicated; many steps must be taken. One piece of advice is to find a reputable shipping company for long-term cooperation if you want a long-term business.

This is details about How to import wood powder from vietnam. 

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