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Are you looking for high-quality wood shavings that can be shipped directly to you? How to import wood shavings from Vietnam? We are the perfect business partner for you!

We supply this product in various quantities and ensure that you receive them as quickly as possible. Wood shavings are waste products generated during the woodworking process.

The difference between sawdust and shavings is that the former are coarser. The main purpose of this product is stable bedding for various animals.

As a result, the shavings are used to cover stables for cows, goats, and horses, as well as in poultry farming and filling cages and attics for rodents.

Wood shavings are ideal when you want to give your table a unique look. This will help your stables look neat and attractive. In addition, since this product will be sieved many times, it will not contain any dust.

Ideal for pets with dust allergies. In addition, wood shavings will not get stuck in animal vacuum cleaners and will feel good on their feet and legs.

The chips have a significant amount of spreading due to their elasticity and coarseness. As a result, you can save both money and working time.

Unlike straw, animals do not consume this product, which makes it more environmentally friendly.

Finally, compared to straw, they are three times more absorbent. The smells of ammonia quickly disappear, giving way to a natural woody aroma.

How to import wood shavings from Vietnam? 

Viet Nam Wood Shavings Import Market

As you can see, this product is sold and bought worldwide. According to export survey statistics, about 40 countries and territories constantly import wood chips from Vietnam. How to import wood shavings from Vietnam? 

The entire export value is $0.38 million. As a result, if any exporter wishes to import wood chips from Vietnam, Vncomex provides comprehensive advice on how to do so.

How to import wood shavings from vietnam
How to import wood shavings from Vietnam

China is the largest importer of Vietnamese shavings. China accounted for 33.14 percent of Vietnam’s total value of $0.94 million in wood chips.

The main countries importing wood chips from Vietnam are China, Japan, Canada, Nepal, Singapore, and Bahrain.

China was the top importer of wood chips in 2020-2021 (April to November), with a share of 33.14 percent, followed by Canada with US$0.05 million in imports.

For the past ten years, China has been importing a lot of wood chips from Vietnam. The top five importing countries of Viet Nam’s wood chips accounted for 79.57 percent of the country’s total exports.

These figures provide a 17.95% change in total imports from 2009 to 2015. Imports of this product from Vietnam have decreased by 38.94% since 2010.

How to import wood shavings from Vietnam? Shipping Process

All of our vehicles have walkable floors, eliminating the need to lift the body for unloading. Any vehicle can reverse into a barn with a clearance of 12 feet or more.

If you have a narrower entrance, please specify the dimensions when submitting your order to send the appropriate car. Here are some options for you to make a purchase.

We understand how stressful it is to run a farm or stable, and with so much going on, sometimes you can forget about shavings. When placing an order, please specify the information about our auto-delivery service.

How to import wood shavings from vietnam
How to import wood shavings from Vietnam

We’ll be happy to help you estimate how often you’ll need to order, and we can set this up so that shipments happen regularly without you having to order.

We can change your schedule if you need less or more time. Changes are easy to make, and you can cancel the delivery if you don’t need your bedding for that week. How to import wood shavings from Vietnam? 

Why should you choose Woodbase?

The wood shavings import-export trade industry contributes significantly to the total percentage of Vietnam’s GDP. No wonder we figured out how to make the most of this excellent opportunity for you.

We understand that most importing companies are looking for various goods such as equipment, raw materials, and consumer goods.

As a result, we offer end-to-end digital import and export solutions to a wide range of import/export companies. So How to import wood shavings from Vietnam? 

Our wood shavings import and export solutions are tailored to your specific volumes, quality, seasonality, and geographic requirements.

We also help you get accurate information on the most important export/import fields, such as product descriptions, quantities, duties, and prices.

Our data opens the door to profitable relationships that benefit companies in the global and local sectors.

We are happy to work with you to provide as many alternatives and amenities as possible to make shipping your product as easy as possible.

We are always happy to work with you to find the most convenient and practical shipping option.

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