Is teak or acacia better? Continuing our series of different wood comparisons, the topic that we discuss today is teak vs acacia. If you cannot procure teak, there are several substitutes, and acacia is one of them. The second reason is that many unscrupulous traders sell acacia in the guise of teak. If you know the differences between the two types of wood, you will not fall into the same trap. So, let’s jump right in to answer questions “Is teak or acacia better?” 


Geography of Acacia and Teak

Acacia is a bushy tree that grows in the Indian subcontinent, and in particular African countries like Saudi Arabia, Sudan and Egypt. Acacia grows in almost all parts of India except in the northernmost and northeast regions.

Is teak or acacia better?

Teak originates from Burma (today, Myanmar). Primarily Burma was the only country from where you could get reliable teak. But due to over-exploiting, the availability dwindled until it became highly scarce and an endangered species. Today teak cultivation and harvesting continue but in a more controlled manner.

Teak grows in many Southeast Asian and African countries today, but their governments heavily control it. The Government of Indonesia even set up a corporation to ensure that teak is produced and harvested sustainably.

Is teak or acacia better? Read on for more details.

General Properties of Acacia and Teak

Acacia is a hardwood that is dense and heavy and has an intelligent outward appearance. The grain pattern may be wavy or straight. While the sapwood is pale, the heartwood, in stark contrast, is reddish-brown. Acacia has a more striking wood grain pattern than teak. Teak has a more subtle and lighter shade and grain pattern. Teak wood is much more durable than acacia, but furniture made from acacia is also quite long-lasting.

How to Distinguish between teak and acacia

If you are looking for acacia and you get acacia, then all is well. But the problem arises when you ask for teak, and the seller gives you acacia, but you pay for teak! Is teak or acacia better?

Is teak or acacia better?

Knowing how to make out the difference from each of these types of wood is valuable. Because teak and acacia have so many similar properties, you can easily be cheated.

You have to discern the subtle differences between the two. As you deal more with these two wood species, you can make the difference quickly.

Is Teak or Acacia better?

Is teak or acacia better? They’re both used for similar applications, so teak wood squeaks out the win. Teak wood is slightly more durable, better looking, more resistant to moisture, requires less maintenance, and is held in higher esteem than acacia. However, teak wood is more expensive and is more challenging to work with.

Is teak or acacia better?

Where to buy it?

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