Are Pine wood shavings for horses the best? The choice of bedding for horses is a significant decision. The type of bed linen you choose depends on many factors, such as availability, cost, comfort, and safety.

From wood bedding to rice hulls, the options are many. However, pine shavings are often considered the best of all the horse bedding options available.

Here are some of the benefits of using Pine wood shavings for horses’ bedding.


The benefits of using Pine wood shavings for horses


Foul odors are common when you have animals such as horses. But Pine wood shavings for horses contain oils that bind with ammonia in animal feces to neutralize the smell. In addition to being odorless in the stable, you will also find that pine shavings help reduce the fly population in and around the stalls, as flies and other pests are attracted to the smell produced by the waste. Pine wood shavings for horses are also easy to clean, making regular maintenance less labor-intensive, and they can also be composted.

Helps with respiratory health

Kiln drying is a process that involves dehydrating Pine wood shavings for horses in a chamber that not only removes moisture but also kills spores and bacteria. Using kiln-dried pine shavings for horse bedding will help improve the overall air quality of your stalls, resulting in better respiratory health for your horses.


Pine wood shavings for horses are a soft material that horses can comfortably rest on. This material also provides a barrier between horses and the ground, which can sometimes get cold at night and helps horses regulate their body temperature.

Dry Pine wood shavings for horses are also resistant to pests. Since Pine wood shavings for horses absorb moisture well, it is difficult for mites, ants, and other pests to settle in the bedding, which makes it more comfortable for horses.

Are Pine wood shavings for horses the best?

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Pine wood shavings for horses in Vietnam
Pine wood shavings for horses in Vietnam

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