The only way to do great work is to love what you do, and that’s exactly what happened many moons ago. With a great interest in the outdoors and a passion for nature, firewood slotted perfectly into our family genes. So, where is a Wholesale Firewood Supplier in Vietnam? 


Firewood For Restaurants & Caterers

Cooking on wood is naturally flavorsome, with a smoky smell and a taste that will satisfy your taste buds. Cooking meat over grills using the best firewood and using firewood in bread ovens is a traditional way to cook and the best way.

Some of the best firewood species we supply are beech and oak.
If you have special requirements (size of wood, firewood species, moisture content), please don’t hesitate to contact us, as we have a special relationship with our sawmills.

We supply some of the finest restaurants and outdoor caterers within the UK. Delivery can be to your business regularly and not forgetting those busy periods. Suppose you require beech firewood for your wood-fired ovens in restaurants (wood-fired pizza oven restaurants, bbq houses, steak houses) and summer festivals, hog roasts at your summer fete. In that case, we can supply you with our best firewood for all your outdoor/indoor wood fire catering needs.

Where is a Wholesale Firewood Supplier in Vietnam? 

Woodbase – Wholesale Firewood Supplier in Vietnam – has more than seven years of experience in supplying firewood; we have understood all the difficulties when we use firewood, so we have all the solutions to help you see about firewood brand new way.

With traditional round wood products

– We have a solution to help your business that does not have a lot of fuel storage area can still have enough fuel to burn 20 or 30 tons a day without running out of fuel

– Solution for Businesses entering and leaving unsuitable fuel storage for large vehicles can still use 20 or 30 tons a day without shortage

– Our fuel depots are present at many locations in the region. The North helps to stabilize the amount of fuel you want permanently

– In the rainy season, we have a tremendous amount of firewood stored and preserved so that we can guarantee you stability and quality.

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The large size of over 20 cm, we use machines to process it to get the ideal size for the industry

– The quality of the wood is stabilized by wood fuel which is wild firewood because so the quality is very uniform

– Our invoices and vouchers are entirely legal; you can avoid the companies or buy and sell invoices

– Our means of transport are diverse because we are a reputable company, we never have problems of fraud, losing the image of traditional fuels

We constantly improved the quality of firewood with modern mechanical methods, with systematic research and testing on many types of boilers for comparison.

With high-grade lumber products

Some types of boilers need firewood according to the furnace model, and some need high and stable heat and more quality, so we have researched a new and more advanced product to help all businesses using boilers. Can be used this premium lumber product is superior to natural round wood products in terms of:

  • Stable wood moisture content from 20-25%
  • Optimum size creates the most suitable fire conditions for wood. Selected wood has advantages: strong wood, high heat, high volatility
  • Packaged: 20 – 25 kg, easy to store and transport
  • Suitable for all sizes of use, large and small

The above are two types of the most common fuel for boilers, and there are many models of products suitable for you, such as

  • Firewood for furnace groups, wood chips, firewood for cover, firewood by type of wood, firewood for supplement suitable for different purposes.
  • Balet sawn timber, pallet lumber, component crates, slats lumber


Here is some information about Wholesale Firewood Supplier in Vietnam; I hope the above article will provide helpful information if you intend to buy Wholesale Firewood Supplierr in Vietnam. At Woodbase, we offer a wide range of designs and styles for you to choose from. Please get in touch with Woodbase immediately for detailed instructions!

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