Choosing Wood Briquette manufacturer in Vietnam has never easy. As you know, environmental pollution has become a great challenge for mankind. Human technology is developing more and more while nature has to suffer serious consequences. Waste such as rice husk, sawdust, bagasse discharged directly into the environment is one of the main causes of pollution. Besides, overexploitation of natural resources is also a painful problem. They are all non-renewable energy sources, so they will gradually become depleted over the years. 

People and local governments around the world are also worried about this. Therefore, biomass fuels (renewable energy sources) were born to solve this concern. These are fuels such as wood pellet, wood powder, wood briquette, wood sawdust, and wood chips. 

Today’s article will talk specifically about wood briquette which is made from untreated, dried wood chips and is also the ideal material for your stove and fireplace. 

There are many wood briquette manufacturers in the world. However, in some places where there is no stable supply, the price will be more expensive or the quality of the product will not be as you want. Wood briquette manufacturer in Vietnam is a reputable supplier. We have a steady supply from the vast and rich forest resources to the excess waste from the woodworking process. 

So, how to choose a reliable Wood briquette manufacturer in Vietnam, and what information do you need to know about this biomass fuel? Let’s find out with Farmers® right in the article below.



What do you need to know about Wood Briquette? 

There is a lot of information about wood briquette, we will summarize the basic information that needs the most attention in this section.

What is Wood Briquette?

Wood briquette is a fuel source made from wood waste or by-product that is compressed into block shapes or logs and dried, they may have other ingredients such as peat, bracken, or coffee but are generally free of impurities.


A good wood briquette will have a high heat suitable for burning for small to large boilers. They replace non-renewable raw materials that are gradually becoming scarce and have unstable supplies such as coal, forest firewood, FO oil. Especially when you decide to use wood briquette for your boiler and stove or large factories and hotels, you can save 30-70% on fuel costs. These raw materials are environmentally friendly and renewable and have a stable supply so they will be an ideal source for future generations.


The advantages of Wood Briquette

Clean Energy: In the Farmers®’ previous article about wood briquette, we have compared this biomass resource with coal. Coal has long ceased to be an ideal material for mining and producing energy. They have a negative impact on the environment, are potentially dangerous to human health as well as other creatures on earth, and are gradually becoming depleted. Wood briquette is not like coal, they are made from nature (including plants and animal and plant wastes). It is an energy source that is renewable every day, every hour, and will not run out. They are clean energy sources because they do not emit greenhouse gases and toxic chemicals.

Effective cost-saving:  On a national scale, biomass helps countries that do not have oil or coal reserves to save huge amounts of money. They will eliminate the need to export and import fossil fuels worldwide. Because this source of raw materials can now be produced in all countries from available waste. For smaller scale such as factories, enterprises, to households, the wood briquette is the ideal source of raw materials for each kitchen. 

Effective in use: All types of wood briquette are made in compressed form. Therefore, they will burn longer than liquid forms and are also safer and easier to store.


In general, the wood briquette is a source of materials that bring many benefits and bring more effective activities to human life. They’re great because they’re safe to use and easy to find and reproduce.

Farmers® – TOP 1 Wood briquette Manufacturer in Vietnam

With the benefits that wood briquette brings, the demand for using them is also increasing. Therefore, finding a reputable supplier has never been easy. Farmers® are confident to be one of the most prestigious biomass energy suppliers in Vietnam. In our country, forest resources are abundant and there are by-products from thousands of agricultural products from all over the country. So that, we have a stable supply of raw materials. 

We operate on the motto always for the satisfaction and needs of customers, so each product is researched and manufactured carefully. For the peace of mind of our customers, every time they purchase products, each of our products has a clear origin and has been tested by leading experts.


Don’t worry but put your trust in us, you will get the most satisfying finished product!

Above is information about Wood Briquette Manufacturer in Vietnam. We hope you will receive the most useful information about this product. This will help you a lot in the buying process. Don’t let yourself fall into the trap of selling other merchants. Be a sober buyer and avoid poor-quality products. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask Farmers®. It is our pleasure to advise you. Have a nice day!

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