Wood fuel pellets are one of the new energy sources that have been researched and put into use in recent years. It is considered to be the perfect solution in terms of both functional and environmental safety. The price of the product will also cause more competition in the market. So what is the product like? Let’s find out in this article.


What are wood fuel pellets?

Wood fuel pellets are fuel products produced from waste materials and discarded materials. As an environmentally friendly source of raw materials because it is derived from natural materials such as sawdust, wood chips, tree trunks,… All these materials are utilized and used in another process to create a new material with higher utility. The pressing process with the application of high speed and strong impact of pressure-temperature will form a natural binder that is wood pellets.

Wood fuel pellets

Some technical parameters of wood fuel pellets

A product will have certain standards so that manufacturers can rely on it to create more quality product lines. A wood fuel pellet will usually have a diameter of 6 – 8mm long and the length is 10 – 40mm. With this feature, customers can better measure the amount of use. It will also make the burning process faster and more efficient.

The maximum moisture content of a wood pellet is 10%. If the moisture content of wood pellets is too high, the product will spoil faster and the quality will also be greatly reduced. Ash will fall to about 3%. This shows that this is a very environmentally friendly product. During use, almost no ash is released into the environment. The calorific value of tablets will be from 4500 – 4800Kcal/kg.


Application of wood fuel pellets

With its natural characteristics, there are many benefits along with the energy value of one-third of the value of petroleum energy. The impact benefits of wood fuel pellets on industries and people’s lives are enormous.

Wood fuel pellets are used in boiler combustion technology. With their great heat capacity, fuel pellets have become a perfect alternative to fossil fuels. This field, which causes a lot of controversy due to a large amount of waste released into the environment. It has polluted the environment. But with wood fuel pellets, things will certainly change.


In addition to boiler plants, wood fuel pellets with the ability to generate large amounts of heat are also widely used in power plants. Heating systems often use other fuels such as coal, oil, firewood, or other heating agents. All are gradually being replaced by the use of wood fuel pellets.

Wood pellets are used not only in the gas and energy industries. In the field of livestock production, wood fuel pellets are also an application for the construction of barns for livestock. With its natural properties, it is the perfect solution for the construction of livestock liners. It feels natural and helps create a solid product that’s sure to resist bacterial invasion.

Not stopping there, the civil industry is also one of many fields that are greatly affected by wood fuel pellets. They are used for steaming, drying, and pasteurization in food factories. Confectionery factories, paper mills, or textile factories are gradually switching to this new source of fuel. In some other areas such as the wine production chain, the heated swimming pool system is greatly affected by the use of wood pellets. All are considering wood fuel pellets as the perfect replacement for the old fuels that have been used before.

The choice to save the environment

With the environment being severely damaged by the huge amount of waste being discharged every day. Then with the ash level of 3% wood pellets is the perfect alternative to save the environment from the crisis right now.


The main ingredients are natural materials without using any additives, so when burned they will not create polluting gases for the environment. It is a renewable resource to protect the environment in a warming climate. Protecting the fresh air and minimizing respiratory diseases. The remaining ash after burning will be used to make fertilizer for plants and agricultural production. This amount of ash can be used for both ornamental plants and industrial plants.

Wood fuel pellets are products that have been carefully packed and preserved. They have been carefully processed before being put on the market and handed over to customers. Therefore, using them is also much easier with other products.

Wood fuel pellets have brought more choices for people to protect the environment. That great impact has helped us both balance economic development with the task of environmental protection. This perfection is the great effort of many years of research and application by researchers around the world. If you have any questions or problems that need to be resolved, please contact the Farmers® website. Here, we will help you to solve any problem that you face. Thanks for visiting our article.

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