Wood pellets for pellet stove are the product model we need to have in our house at the moment. With useful functions integrated with the same product, it will bring great experiences for you. We believe that in the future it will be a perfect replacement for current fuels. So what advantages does it have? How is the function? Let’s find out together.

Why do people choose wood pellets for pellet stove?

The sources of ingredients to power your kitchen are many. It can be mentioned as gas, coal,… and they are sold a lot in the market. But with a new energy source that offers more functional uses, perhaps our thinking will have to change.


With raw materials starting to become scarce at the moment, wood pellets for pellet stove become the perfect solution to overcome this problem. It is a material created from wood waste, so the supply will always be abundant. Using pellets will help us save energy up to 60%. Wood pellets are manufactured in many different shapes and sizes. This allows customers to flexibly use them for many different types of burners. Wood pellets that have not undergone any treatment can still be used normally. But it will have a higher degree of environmental pollution with the treated pellets.

Wood pellets for pellet stove will bring better quality to your dishes. A large amount of heat can be radiated around or when pressing the pellets, it will create a highly concentrated heat source. Your dish will cook faster and the taste will also become more perfect.

Using wood pellets for pellet stove makes it easier for customers to use other fuels. All we need is to put the pellets in the pre-prepared oven. Because all the stages have been made by the manufacturer of the wood pellets in advance. Instead of having to wait for too long, we can use it right away. After use, just put it back in the packaging without taking too much time to clean up. 

Because they are products that have been packaged and cleaned in advance, it is very convenient to use wood pellets. During use, customers can carry it comfortably without worrying about getting dirty or too heavy. These wood pellets have been carefully treated so that their weight has been significantly reduced before packaging. 

Wood pellets with their outstanding advantages can work for many hours with very high durability. Helping customers in the process of using always gets the best quality. Other fuels cost a lot more than wood pellets. In terms of quality, fossil fuels are not too superior to wood pellets. In other respects, wood pellets are far superior to the uses of fossil fuels.  


How to use wood pellets for pellet stove?

To make the best use of the product, we need to understand the advantages and disadvantages of the product and how to use the product. We will show you how to make the most of the advantages that wood pellets for pellet stove have.

Step 1: Put the wood pellets into the oven door that we have prepared in advance. Depending on the purpose and needs of users, we will give an equivalent amount. A small note that every 0.7kg tablet will maintain the amount of heat for 90 minutes.

Step 2: To increase the amount of heat in the oven, we can add a layer of oil before putting it in the oven or can use alcohol jelly to help the heat concentration of wood pellets higher. Accelerate the combustion process to better meet customer needs.

Step 3: We will start lighting the fire and wait for the combustion to complete. The time will be between 30 and 60 seconds depending on whether we use oil or alcohol to promote the process.

Step 4: We will use the blower in low wind mode so that the fire can burn evenly. After the fire starts to give off more heat, we can start using it. While using, depending on the time, we will add lighters or tablets to ensure that the fire can burn for the right time that we need. But still can bring the best quality.

Step 5: After using the oven, we will need to clean it thoroughly. The ashes of the pellets are discarded and must be handled with care so as not to have too great an impact on the environment. To ensure the longevity of the wood pellets, we must leave them in a dry place with low humidity and little impact from the outside environment.


Wood pellets for pellet stove with their effective uses and functions will bring great experiences to you. A product that fulfills well in terms of quality and has a reasonable price, we have no reason not to spend money on this product. If you have any comments or questions, please contact us through Farmers®. We will be ready to assist you. Thanks for reading our article. 

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