What did wood powder manufacturer in Vietnam do to develop this material? Since ancient times, the utilization of waste has always been a matter of concern. It can be a suitable energy alternative to other aging energy sources. What we want to introduce to you today is wood powder in Vietnam. Let’s find out together.

Wood pulp is considered a versatile biological product produced from renewable wood. Wood pulp is cut into small pieces and crushed into wood powder. They are also at times the dust leftover from the wood when it is sharpened or sculpted. Wood powder is a renewable and biodegradable source of clean raw materials. It is a lightweight, non-conductive material that is harmless to humans and has a very low cost of production.

Vietnamese wood powder manufacturers have produced fuel using the philosophy of creating raw materials, water with more energy and less environmental impact. It is this rule-based method that has helped Vietnamese wood powder producers earn a large and stable economic source year after year. Maybe even reaching out to foreign markets.

In order to produce the best quality wood powder, we need to be extremely strict in the raw materials and production stages. Knowing this requirement, wood powder manufacturer in Vietnam has actively checked and imported many types of modern machinery in the world to ensure the maximum quality of raw materials. When processing raw wood we are forced to cut the wood into small pieces. Wood powder from the bark cannot be produced because the wood pulp from the tree seeds is not of high quality. In the process of processing wood fibers applied to both softwood and hardwood, we need to understand the structure of each type of wood. For softwoods will be cellulose, lignin, and a little hemicellulose. The same goes for hardwoods, but with more hemicellulose. After treating the wood pulp with sodium hydroxide and sulfide liquor, we will wash off the bleaching screen. And finally drying so that when packing, it will be easier and better to transport.

Wood powder manufacturer in Vietnam

How do wood powder manufacturer in Vietnam apply this material?

In Vietnam, this material is applied in many different industries. Depending on the intended use, the wood powder will bring different uses. But all products with wood pulp will often be very effective and promote very good use.

The first product made from wood powder we want to introduce to you is paper. Paper made from wood powder will be harder to tear, and will be thicker. When you write, you will feel happier and more full of words. In another aspect, the increase in wood powder paper production will help people in Vietnam have more jobs to improve their lives.

In addition to paper, Vietnamese wood powder manufacturers can also use wood powder to produce materials for daily personal use such as toothpaste, towels,… This has very good quality which brings many advantages to customers. With a towel made from wood powder with high absorbency, soft and comfortable on the skin. As for toothpaste that contains wood pulp, carboxymethyl cellulose creates viscosity, is non-toxic, non-allergenic, and easily binds to water molecules.

In the field of beauty, the wood powder also makes a great impression. It can be applied to make nail polish in the form of nitrocellulose. Very durable and dries quickly after brushing.



The ability to refine high-quality wood powder in Vietnam

The project to refine high-quality wood powder has been around since 2010. With the use of nitrocellulose as raw material for propellants in production scale. Through research, it is possible to prepare a line of high-quality wood powder in Vietnam instead of imported wood powder.

This material also meets the requirements when exporting to foreign markets. Using cellulose for nitrocellulose produces high concentrations of propellant including α-cellulose content over 92% for wood powder and over 96% for cotton. All indicators are checked very closely.



Future influence

With the features as well as the efficiency that wood powder brings in its products to the market. The position of Vietnamese wood powder has been clearly confirmed in the world market. In the coming years, wood powder manufacturers in Vietnam need to continue to develop this product line. It will bring huge economic benefits. At the same time, it has led to many investments from companies around the world in this field in Vietnam. It is also possible that there will be more investment in other segments of the Vietnamese market. 

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