Wood sawdust is one of the wonderful materials for your life today. If you are looking to learn about this product and the wood sawdust manufacturer in Vietnam, then you have come in the right direction. Let’s find out together!

The world is facing more challenges than ever from epidemics, wars to climate change – which has been causing terrible disasters for humanity. Developed countries in the world such as France, Germany, England, Japan, and many other countries are looking for new renewable energy sources to improve environmental pollution and depletion of natural resources. They have always wanted to achieve their ambitious net carbon emissions target in the not-too-distant future 10 to 20 years from now.

An ideal energy source to reduce the global warming caused by greenhouse gas emissions and the negative impact caused by the extraction of other solid materials is biomass energy. Wood biomass is sustainably sourced and is important to almost every country in the world. This energy source is like a giant generator enough to provide raw materials for all human activities. 

Did you know that wood biomass is gradually becoming the leading low-carbon energy supplier in the world? They have reduced carbon emissions by 85% on a lifecycle basis compared to coal.



What is Wood Sawdust?

Wood sawdust is a by-product of common woodworking operations such as sanding, sawing, planning, milling, and routing, etc. They may or may not consist of small pieces of wood. Interestingly, wood sawdust can be the product of some animals such as woodpeckers and carpenter ants.

However, keep in mind that not any wood sawdust can be left in your home or garden as it can be very toxic! You need to find a good and reliable wood sawdust supplier. Tell them about your need and they will help you solve the problem.



The effect of wood sawdust

Wood sawdust has many uses not only for industry but also for every home, every garden. Farmers® will learn with you some of the effects of this product in this section.

Animal Bedding and litter Boxes

Sawdust is a great product to make beds for dogs and cats. For dogs, pine and wood sawdust is recommended as they are suitable for all dog fur types. In addition, they also work to repel fleas and bed bugs for the safety of your pets. For cats, this is a great litter. They are cheaper and biodegradable than compost. Wood sawdust can also help make an ideal place for chickens.


Storing root vegetables

Wood sawdust has long been used in the preservation of vegetables. They are used instead of the function of the refrigerator now. Please prepare a wooden or cardboard box. Put the shavings on the bottom and then put the vegetables on top. Then add more sawdust and put another layer of vegetables on top. You keep doing the same steps until the box is full.

Remember to put the box in a cool place like the basement!

Cleansing up spills 

If you need to repair cars or tractors, riding lawn mowers, preparing a bucket of sawdust is necessary. Wood sawdust has an excellent ability to absorb spilled liquids. If there is an oil spill, simply sprinkle a certain amount of sawdust on the area and let it sit for 30 minutes. You can then sweep them up and throw them in the trash easily.


Weed killer

We reminded you earlier that sawdust can contain toxic substances, right? Black walnuts will create sawdust that acts as a natural weed killer. However, you should not use them in your garden. Use them to clear the way and some remote areas to protect the landscape of your home.

In general, wood sawdust has various benefits. In the livestock industry, wood sawdust is an effective assistant to help farmers achieve better work efficiency. With a cheap price and excellent performance, this is definitely a welcome product on the market today.

Wood Sawdust manufacturer in Vietnam – Farmers®

If you are looking for a wood sawdust manufacturer in Vietnam, Farmers® is a place worth trusting. As you know, some types of wood sawdust will contain toxic substances and directly affect the health of you and your family. That’s why you need to choose a reputable supplier.

The accumulation of wood sawdust in the air will cause adverse effects on human health. If you intend to make them for your own use, I advise you not to do that.


Buy from a reputable supplier of quality wood sawdust that has been professionally processed. This helps to avoid bad cases. Impurities have been removed and you can just use them.

Wood sawdust supplied by Farmers® is mainly made from pine and rubberwood. Their main use is as manure, fertilizer and to grow mushrooms. 

Please rest assured with our products because they are recycled, safe for the environment, human health, and harmless to animals. 

Each product is rigorously tested by the professional staff of farmers and leading experts.

Thank you for reading to the end of the article. Hope that you will find useful information as well as choose the most prestigious wood sawdust manufacturer in Vietnam. Don’t forget to ask us questions to get more news. Have a good day!


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